28 Day Path to Picking Up the Pieces After Loss- Week One

How to Pick Up the Pieces After Loss:

The 28 Day Path to Overcome Loneliness and Discover Your Purpose in Life

I participated in a video challenge in the spring of 2017 and decided to turn the videos into a journey that is useful and valuable for you.  These videos introduce you to some of the exact activities and teachings I share with private clients and workshop/conference attendees. I have included handouts that I’ve mentioned in some of the videos.

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Day 1 : Gratitude



Day 2: Time is On Your Side      Live Your Life, Too – Activity Sheet 



Day 3:  Controlling the Uncontrollable



Day 4: Igniting the Joy Within               Joy List Activity Sheet




Day 5:  One Toe in the Future




Day 6 The Power of Goals and Facebook Live Q & A




Day 7: What You Say to Yourself Does Matter