A Graceful Journey Radio

headshotA Graceful Journey Radio program is where you will hear  powerful conversations, insights and knowledge to help you when family caregiving calls.

Host Lorna M Scott brings a powerful combination of experience as a family caregiver and professional expertise as a coach and counsellor.  Lorna found her passion helping others discover their own inner power and special gifts. During her personal transition and transformation following the death of her husband, she became passionate about the plight of the caregiver. Her personal philosophy is to have a positive outlook on life with a focus on solutions, not problems.  She firmly believes that with the right information, attitude, focus and a belief in oneself, anyone can achieve their highest goals.  Lorna knows that these are the keys to unlocking success and receiving the greatest gifts as a caregiver.

You will be empowered to meet demands, find balance all while caring for yourself that help you find grace, peace, hope, and joy in your caregiver journey.



A Graceful Journey Radio Show Episodes

Premiere Episode

Episode 10 – Caregiver Toolkit

Episode 12 – The Tangled Web of Communication

Episode 16 - Gratitude Leads the Way

Episode 21 – Enjoying Retirement

Episode 22 – Laughter is the Best Medicine