Caregiver Personal Coaching – Monthly packages



Monthly packages are perfect for both new caregivers and experienced caregivers:

  • New Caregivers:  These sessions will help you understand more about to expect as a new family caregiver, and give you the support for the many changes that usually happen after a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness, disability or aging/cognitive issues.  This includes planning your own self-care, getting connected to community resources, and working through the various emotions that come up when faced with the often sudden and unexpected aspects of family caregiving.  You will learn what to expect from caregiving and what to look for to avoid caregiver burnout.
  • Experienced Caregivers: These sessions are perfect for you as a way to work though conflicts with family, medical professionals, employer, etc;  when caregiving is significantly starting to interfere with other parts of your life; or when you are generally feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and starting to resent the situation.

You will be encouraged and guided to become an empowered caregiver and able to meet any demands, find balance and look after you. If you are struggling with guilt, conflict, stress and/or anxiety, coaching session will help you get the right tools and resources to help you cope and increase your confidence. All of this is support you to discover where you need help, build stronger relationships, and improve your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Monthly Package: includes 4 sessions/month  $497 per month plus GST