Caregiver Personal Coaching – Single Session




  • 30 minute Session
  • One time sessions are perfect for new caregivers and for those who have caregiving for a while. This is a laser focused session to work through one specific topic.
  • New Caregivers – this session can help you understand more about to expect from a caregiving role, connect you with appropriate community resources, and learn the warning signs of caregiver burnout.
  • Experienced Caregivers – this session is perfect for you if you have been managing very well and are now faced with something new, looking for a resource, or have an additional worry.

You will be encouraged and guided to become an empowered caregiver and able to meet any demands, find balance and look after you. If you are struggling with guilt, conflict, stress and/or anxiety, coaching session will help you get the right tools and resources to help you cope and increase your confidence. All of this is support you to discover where you need help, build stronger relationships, and improve your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

**Please note: If you have been caregiving for a long term, have multiple concerns, or are not feeling any satisfaction in your life, it is strongly encouraged that you consider a multiple session package so that there is time to give you support and guidance to identify all areas of concern and find the right solutions and resources to help you.

Single session:
$150 per 60 minute session.
Click here for monthly rate:  $497 per month (4 sessions a month)