book-coverWhen Lorna Scott married her high school sweetheart, she believed they would live a life of happily ever after. Go off on a honeymoon, raise a couple of children, buy a house or two, and live into their golden years basking in all the memories they created together. But that dream was cut short when her husband Callum was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of forty-four. In Walking the Journey Together…Alone, Lorna shares the trials and tribulations she experienced as a caregiver––juggling the demands of a terminally ill husband, her children’s needs, and her career responsibilities. Over a period of six years, she learned valuable lessons, particularly those on giving herself a little bit of her own attention and learning to ask for help. Additionally––and perhaps most importantly–– in the years since Callum’s passing, Lorna shares how she became a woman who is comfortable with her living her life as “me” rather than “we.”

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In Walking the Journey Together…Alone, Lorna Scott courageously shares her caregiving journey and how she overcame her trials and tribulations with grace, honesty and love. She shows all of us that we can create and experience happiness even when the odds are against us.

Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success Principles™

"Lorna’s story will touch the heart of anyone. Especially those who are faced with caring for their loved one and wanting to do it with passion, joy and love."

Janet Bray Attwood - New York Times Bestselling Author - The Passion Test

“Cancer doesn’t only affect the patient; it affects the lives of the people that surround them as well. Lorna’s story provides a great first-person view into the life of a caregiver and a cancer advocate, while teaching valuable lessons from her trials and tribulations during her husband’s fight.”

Doug Ulman, three-time cancer survivor, former LIVESTRONGTM Foundation President and CEO

Lorna tells her story so you can make it through your story of caregiving. Her honest reflections prompt you to tell the truth about how you feel as you care for a family member. Her book is half memoir and half journal, with space for both the reader and author to share. Lorna cares for her reader as lovingly as she cared for her husband. A wonderful resource for any family caregiver but especially for a caregiving spouse. 

Denise M. Brown, Founder,

Lorna lovingly cared for Callum. With courage she shares her deepest emotions, the lessons she learned during their journey, and how faith and hope can help fight the odds. 

Dr. Kamal Haider, oncologist, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Having been a care-giver myself, Lorna’s heartfelt descriptions of the ups and downs of this journey are accurate and insightful. Her tips and reflections offer the reader sound advice for making some necessary time for themselves. 

Kate Andersen, caregiver

“The journey Lorna takes us on is not only inspirational but gripping. When Lorna takes us to Scotland and recounts her journey alone with Cal, there wasn’t enough Kleenex tissue at the computer to get me through it all. 

Brad Brand, Prepress Flyer Production Supervisor, Federated Co-operatives Ltd.