“Helpful, practical hints for my personal issues.”


“It made me more aware that I may be too isolated, and also allow people (family) to take advantage of me.”  

Jim Jacob

“Reaffirming of things I know – but don’t do!”

Judy Copeman

“It is nice to know I am not alone. I realized there is something for me. You have a lot of good ideas.”  

Dee Pickett

“I enjoyed meeting people with more information about how to handle some situations.”

Marg P.

“Learning the time process was great as I can change a few things around to make life easier.”  

Connie Mattson

“Needed something to help get me get back on track with my life and I found it today.”

Loreen P.

“The workshop really opened my eyes, now I can change things.”  

Jenna C